Happy Elliz Chong

Announcement: Player Sponsorship
Accurate Dart is very excited to announce our Sponsorship and collaboration with Happy Elliz Chong from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia!

Accurate Dart Evolution 16.5 grams

Elliz was introduced to Darts in 2015 by her friends when she began playing for fun, but quickly became addicted to darts. Initially, she learned her skills and darts knowledge from friends and studying YouTube videos online. Today, in addition to hours of daily practice, she is continually seeking advice and learning from Senior/Pro players to improve her game. Elliz is always practicing and believes “Practice Makes Perfect!”

Happy Elliz has a dear friend Tommy Sifu whom has been instrumental in guiding her from the beginning, mentoring her to throw darts in a ‘proper’ way. In addition to Tommy, William is also her best advisor and supporter, teaching her about the skills and meta-strategy involved in competitive tournaments. She loves darts and can see the benefits it gives in her overall life by teaching her to be more patient and focused as well as improving mental strength and toughness.

To Elliz, darts are something challenging; developing skill & strategy in how to win the game. Also, she has the opportunity to make deep and lasting friendships with people from different states & countries.

Her most recent achievements include: 
Nov 2015 - 3rd Runner Up - B Flight Single (Phoenix event, Melaka)
Oct 2015 - Champion - POL League Group 2 (Phoenix event, KL)
Dec 2015 - Champion - B Flight Single (Phoenix event, KL)
May 2016 - 1st Runner Up - AB Flight Double Friendly Match (Phoenix event, PJ)
Jun 2016 - Best 16 - The Doubles Div2 (Phoenix event, KL)
Jul 2016 - Champion - BC Flight Double (Phoenix event, KL)
Jul 2016 - 2nd Runner Up - Female Single League, The Doubles (Phoenix event, Ipoh)

Her goal is to achieve the highest possible success and to begin competing at the International Championship level – to be a Female Champion in Asia competitions!

We are very excited to work with such a dedicated and talented player! Please Share in this and help to welcome Happy Elliz to Team Accurate Dart!